Dynamic Country/Classic Rock Sensation

Chris Pryor and The Main Event is a dynamic Country/Classic Rock project that emerged in May 2022. The band features a powerhouse lineup of talented musicians from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, led by singer Chris Pryor.
Lead guitarist Kenny Kleinpeter astounds audiences with his extraordinary talent, effortlessly weaving intricate melodies and captivating solos.
Multi-instrumentalist Mike Ducote adds a deep layer, seamlessly transitioning between lead guitar, keys, fiddle, and accordion.
Jay Cudd, an acclaimed bass player, brings a solid and commanding presence to the rhythm section, forming the backbone of the band’s sound.
Drummer Jory Chauvin’s precision and musicality are the driving force, infusing the performances with irresistible energy.
Chris Pryor mesmerizes with soulful vocals captivating audiences. Since their inaugural show in November 2022, the band has quickly risen as one of Southeast Louisiana’s fastest up-and-coming acts, earning widespread acclaim.
Chris Pryor and The Main Event’s fusion of Country and Classic Rock and their talent and infectious energy ensure an unforgettable musical experience.