Chris Pryor and The Main EventIntroducing Chris Pryor, the charismatic musician and lead singer of The Main Event! Raised in Sarepta, Louisiana, Chris’s passion for music began at a young age when he started playing the trumpet in his school band at just nine years old. Growing up in a musically diverse environment, Chris was exposed to various genres, thanks to his family members.
Throughout his high school years, Chris’s talent and dedication to music shone brightly. Not only did he continue to excel in playing the trumpet, but he also took on the role of the leader in his high school jazz band. His exceptional skills led the band to win a regional competition, earning a notable $5,000 prize for Sarepta High School Band. Recognized for his outstanding musical abilities, Chris was honored with the prestigious John Philip Sousa Award upon graduating.
A turning point in Chris’s musical journey came when he unexpectedly discovered his singing voice at 18, thanks to an impromptu karaoke experience. This revelation ignited his passion for performing and set him on the path to pursuing a music career. At 23, Chris achieved a significant milestone by opening for renowned artists such as John Michael Montgomery, Doug Stone, and Earl Thomas Conley, leaving a lasting impression with his captivating stage presence.
Despite experiencing a brief hiatus from music during his early thirties due to the arrival of his daughter, Chris’s love for music couldn’t be suppressed for long. At 36, he resurfaced as the lead singer for the esteemed Lil Whiskey Band in the Baton Rouge area, captivating audiences with his soulful vocals and dynamic performances.
In May of 2022, Chris took his musical journey to new heights by assembling The Main Event, a “Super” group of some of the finest musicians in central and south Louisiana. With their exceptional talent and collective synergy, The Main Event promises an unforgettable live music experience, combining Chris’s powerful vocals with the band’s infectious energy.
Chris Pryor’s musical journey is a testament to his unwavering passion, resilience, and dedication to his craft. He continues to captivate audiences with each performance, leaving them craving more. Be prepared to groove to the sensational sounds of Chris Pryor and The Main Event as they take the stage, bringing you the very best of Louisiana’s music scene.
Chris Pryor and The Main Event
Kenny Kleinpeter is a seasoned musician with over 40 years of experience. He honed his skills by playing professionally and serving as the lead guitarist for Whiskey Rain, a renowned band in South Louisiana. With their impressive talent, Whiskey Rain secured the title of South Louisiana band of the year for two consecutive years. Kenny’s journey also took him to Nashville, where he toured across Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas. His diverse musical background spans various genres, including Rock, Country, Blues, Metal, and more.
Born and raised in Moreauville, LA, Mike Ducote is a talented musician with a remarkable three-decade career. Introduced to music by a nun in church at an early age, his passion for music took root. Hailing from a family of musicians associated with notable names like Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle, Mike has explored diverse genres such as gospel, bluegrass, rock, and country. His proficiency extends to guitar, bass, drums, fiddle, piano, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and accordion. Singing fluently in French and Spanish, Mike’s dedication and love for his craft shine through in every performance.
Chris Pryor and The Main Event
Chris Pryor and The Main Event

Jay Cudd is a seasoned bass player hailing from Alexandria, LA, with over 40 years of musical experience. Notably, he spent two years alongside Snooky Flowers and has been a vital part of Guillermo Anderson’s numerous shows. Renowned for his versatility and skill as a studio musician, Jay exudes a strong stage presence and is revered as a truly exceptional musician. His impressive career showcases his unwavering passion for music and dedication to the art form.

Jory Chauvin, a talented drummer of almost 40 years, has a rich musical background. He began his career playing blues alongside incredible blues singers and guitarists. Transitioning to alternative rock, he dedicated several years to the genre before releasing his own original CD titled “KritiK” in 2006. Jory then embarked on a five-year journey as a drummer in a rock/heavy metal cover band named Zepha. Currently, he focuses on performing live with Chris Pryor & The Main Event along with songwriting with The Charlie Brown band. Jory’s impeccable timing and improvisation skills are the driving force behind the group’s sensational sound.
Chris Pryor and The Main Event


Chris Pryor – Vocalist

Captivating vocals, rising star Chris wows Southeast Louisiana.

Kenny Kleinpeter - Lead guitarist

Guitarist with extraordinary talent and mesmerizing melodies.

Mike Ducote - Multi-Instrumentalist

A vibrant multi-instrumentalist, mastering guitar, keys, fiddle, and accordion.

Jay Cudd – Bassist

Acclaimed bassist with solid presence, commanding rhythm, and band's backbone.

Jory Chauvin – Drummer

Our drummer's precision and musicality drive performances with irresistible energy.